With technological advancements, medical breakthrough and regulations evolving, medical office design and build requirements need to be taken into account.

Our design elements are deliberately put together to solve business problems, regardless if it’s new medical office or medical office remodeling.We ensure the overall design provides a positive experience not only to the patients and families but also to the staff. Our experts will develop a medical facility floor plan that is up to code and speaks your brand’s personality. We will think through the space allocation and come up with a blueprint that enables you to achieve long term goals such as expansion.

Medical care environments are shown to directly affect patient outcomes. At Ecocor our medical office contractors use research-based principles to influence our design and construction of facilities. We understand that there are certain design elements that are known to offer the best patient experience.

For many of our clients the goal is for their facility to remain useful for a long time to come.

At Ecocor we plan and develop a long-term vision for the facility. This includes incorporating long-term design elements, materials and construction methods that are known to last.